Financial Solutions

There are financial options that may help you in making a decision to move. Magnolia staff representative will walk you through the following resources that may be beneficial to you:

Veterans/Surviving Spouse:  There are benefits for wartime veterans and their surviving spouses. These benefits may include additional money when in an Assisted Living Community. 

Financial Planning:  There are funding options available to allow you to use the equity of your home to pay for assisted living fees while you are selling your house. You need not delay moving into Magnolia Senior Living because of a house for sale.

Long Term Care Insurance:  Many policies include benefits for Assisted Living. If you have a current policy, you need to review it carefully. If you do not have Long Term Care Insurance, there are several insurance products that you might purchase after becoming a resident of an Assisted Living community.

Life Insurance:  Life Settlements may allow you to use life insurance benefits to pay for your assisted living costs.

Medicaid:  The State of Florida has a Medicaid Diversion program that helps seniors who are running out of money to pay for assisted living costs.

Credit Cards:  Magnolia Senior Living accepts credit card payments.

Please speak with one of our Magnolia staff representative about your needs. We will do our best to answer your questions or put in touch with experts in the fields. Call us at 813-340-1085.